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ARCH of the Triangle

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ARCH Mission and Goals

ARCH's Mission



ARCH, Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers, is a support group for Roman Catholic homeschoolers.  The mission of ARCH is to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s education at home.  The foundation of ARCH activities and functions is fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church including its Bishops in union with Rome.  With the support of our fellow members, we will grow, serve, love and learn in our Catholic Faith.



ARCH's Goals



1)      To strengthen our Catholic families.

2)      To promote and encourage Catholic values.

3)      To foster Catholic vocations.

4)      To teach the traditions and history of the Roman Catholic Church.

5)      To promote devotion to the Blessed Mother.



ARCH’s Inspiration


ARCH takes its inspiration from the Holy Spirit and from the Traditions of our Holy Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ. As our local Bishop Burbidge reminded us in his Homily to homeschoolers of the area in February 2007,

           In the concluding blessing from the Rite of Baptism these words are addressed to the parents: "You will be the first teachers of your children in the ways of faith. May you always be the best of teachers." And then this prayer is offered on behalf of the parents, the newly baptized children and those present: "May He make you always, wherever you may be, faithful members of His holy people and send His peace upon all who are gathered here, in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Dear parents, you have taken seriously your role as the first teachers of your children in the ways of faith. You understand why the Second Vatican Council states, "It is particularly in the Christian family, enriched by the grace of the sacrament of matrimony, that children should be taught to have a knowledge of God, to worship Him and to love their neighbor." (Declaration on Christian Education, 1965, # 12) Thank you, parents, for your example of faithful married love and for giving the Church and our diocese the precious gift of family life, so well represented here today.”