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ARCH of the Triangle

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Raleigh Chapter Back to School Planning Party

Raleigh Chapter Back to School Planning Party!  

:-$Who's invited: ARCH members old and just joining the Raleigh Chapter. (Adults & nursing babies only)

:-/Where's the party:  Our Lady of Lourdes, Fallon Center, 2718 Overbrook Dr., Raleigh

;)What time does it start: 7:00 PM (1st door prize drawing at 6:59pm)

8-|What day do I put on my calendar:  Tuesday August 25th

B-)What do we plan:  Each member signs up to help with one activity this year in the Raleigh Chapter.  It's that easy!

Is this really a party:  Old friends, new friends, sweet treats, and door prizes.  Sounds like a party to me!


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