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ARCH of the Triangle

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Other Activities

sports, music, recreation, academics, art and more

This page still being updated.
The following list of activities are not specifically chapter sponsored activities but many of our membership have found them to be an asset to their homeschool year.
Our chapter does not control the content or administration of these activities and therefore each family should thoroughly investigate the resources and use their own discernment in participating.
This section is still being updated.

all ages
middle and high school
middle school and high school
swim team(6+) swim lessons(4+), boys basketball(9+), boys baseball(mid school+), coed softball(8+)
age 9+
New Life Camp Sports and Academics
all ages
homeschool sessions Mon and Wed at Pullen-call for info

If you have a suggestion of other homeschool-friendly activities that should be featured on this page; sports, recreation, music, art, academic- please contact us.
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