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ARCH of the Triangle

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ARCH it is! Our new name is chosen! 6/11/07

To all our Wake County Catholic Homeschooling Families formerly affiliated with TORCH...

our new name is .....

Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers, Raleigh Chapter

or   ARCH of Raleigh

This decision was made after MANY excellent submissions were reviewed. Its short, easy to say, and to the point. I hope it will grow on everyone as we give it some time.

The advantage to the name ARCH is that it represents a Roman piece of architecture known around the world and throughout history. It is used in many of our most beautiful churches around the world. It is a sign of strength and stability and its construction requires each individual stone in the group to play a role in supporting the weight of the structure.

Look for the tag line on your emails to change from TORCH_Ral to ARCHRal soon.

God Bless!

Colleen Henion

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